Dear Parents!

We are at the forefront of innovative baby bedding products. Since 1992, by restlessly developing and expanding our ranges we have provided our clients with rich product portfolio of second-to-none quality.

Capitalising on our over twenty-year tradition we have grown the BabyMatex® brand to a company with European reach and the widest offering in the market.

Our product ranges were designed to cater for needs of the youngest babies. We have bridged the gap between child's sensitivity and fragility, and technology coupled with design.

Dear parents, we understand how important for You is safety of Your newly born. Hence, to manufacture our products we use only highest quality materials sourced in Poland, whose safety is approved by adequate certifications.

By being the sole manufacturer of the products we sell, we have the unparalleled possibility to control the slightest detail of the manufacturing process. Thus, we can and we do maintain unmatched quality of our products.

Strong technological and scientific base gives us tools, we use to our best ability in creating products perfectly meeting needs of Your Child. We keep a tight grip on complying with standards and criteria set by our process engineers and research laboratories. This fact has been confirmed by international Review Committees, which awarded us with numerous certificates and the title "Reliable Company®”.

Every product branded BabyMatex®, which will find its place at Your home, will give us tremendous satisfaction from participating in that beautiful time of Your Baby's lifetime and from being given Your trust. Because, as Janusz Korczak famously said:

"A child's smile makes the world smile"

           Janusz Korczak


                                                                                                 BabyMatex® Team



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