//Mattress COLORADO


Designed and constructed according to the principle:
Good ventilation combined with natural coconut. Air is supplied to the surface of the mattress through 3D knitted side panels and ventilation ducts with “non-stop ventilation” function. Thanks to their construction, they never close their permeability. 100% natural coconut fiber mat connected by natural rubber on the lower base of the mattress.

– 3D knitted belt for increased free airflow
– Three-layer, fluffy quilted jacquard fabric with the BabyMatex® logo with absorbent properties
– Certification of the highest safety class for babies.
– Long zip with safety zipper for easy removal during maintenance.

– 100% natural coconut fiber mat combined without the use of synthetic glue; natural rubber as the lower base of the mattress.
– lateral stabilizing beams with increased hardness – eliminates the risk of twisting the child’s ankle.
– Vertical ventilation ducts (also in stabiliser beams)
non-stop ventilation” design and function
– certified solvent-free adhesive for connecting mattress construction elements
– Certificate of the highest safety class for infants.
Medical device with a positive clinical evaluation.

60 x 120 x 10 cm (Article. No.: 0312)
70 x 140 x 10 cm (Article. No.: 0313)

Cover: 33% cotton, 33% PES, 34% PA

polyurethane foam