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Mattress FRESH

Designed and constructed according to the principle:

2-sided – comfort and thermal comfort at the highest level. Side A: a layer of high quality 3D knitted fabric like an airbag supported by freely moving columns with double non-stop ventilation function. Page B: profiled shape, transverse ventilation ducts with vertical and horizontal air intake.



– 2-sided
– 360° resolution lock – possibility to use one side while washing the other.
– Three-layer jacquard fabric with 3D effect.
– Fine bamboo knitted or crocheted fabric
– Certificate of the highest safety class for babies.
– Zipper with safety slide.


4-layer structure of the mattress. Stiffening layer and extending the life of the mattress.

Side A:

– Innovative 3D fiber airbag for continuous air circulation directly under the baby’s body.
– Innovative massage columns that adapt to the shape of the body. Very high point elasticity.
– Very high density and elasticity of the main foam.
– Transverse ventilation ducts with “non-stop circulation” design.
– 360° side stabilizing beams with increased hardness – eliminates the risk of ankle twisting of the child’s ankle.

Side B:

– Seven hardness zones for optimal weight distribution on the mattress surface. Transverse ventilation ducts with horizontal air supply.
– Frame joints for increased flexibility.
– Certified non-solvent glue for contact with children.
– Certificate of the highest safety class for infants.

Medical device with positive clinical evaluation.

(Article. No.: 0266)


60 x 120 x 10 cm (Article. No.: 0345)
70 x 140 x 10 cm (Article. No.: 0346)

Side A: 33% cotton, 33% PES, 34% PA
Side B: 31% bamboo, 69% PES

polyurethane foam, knitted 3D- 100% PES


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